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Guiding Solutions Counselling can help you move forward!

Life can throw you obstacles and let's face it, can be down right hard to navigate sometimes.  

Let's work together to guide you towards solutions in your life that can empower you to work through whatever is blocking you. I believe each of us deserves to be empowered to live a more awake, happy, and beautiful life. 


Authenticity. Integrity. Diversity. Curiosity. Vulnerability.

These are values that shape my practice. I work with people from an empathetic trauma informed lens. Blending many therapies I work with you to discover new ways of living and thriving in the world - the goal when working with people is to tap into what you already have.  I have a personal journey that has had adversities - I had to learn to rise ups and heal. Like yourself, I found myself reaching out for help. My journey began 12 years ago, with one act of kindness: My life changed forever. I know yours can too.

Today I work as a Therapeutic Counsellor & Certified Canadian Addictions Counsellor, Life Coach & Family Addictions Educator. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Alex Lekei CCAC, RLC


Guiding Solutions Counselling provides you with services that can help with:


Personal Drug & Alcohol Counselling

Family Drug & Alcohol Support

Return to Work Planning After Treatment

Burnout & Stress Management

Grief & Loss Counselling

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Identity Exploration

Post Traumatic Growth (From Drug & Alcohol Trauma) ​

 “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”
— Aristotle


A Message to you

No matter how far you have fallen, or how hard you think the journey is going to be; half the battle is showing up!  I had to learn how to show up for my own life, and I didn't get to where I am today without any help. I owe everything that I have today to the many people who believed in me along the way - including remarkable counsellors.  Today I get to live my own dream by helping others walk the path of recovery - and that recovery process could be from anything that is holding you or a loved one back.


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