A coach is someone that helps you focus on present day challenges & guides you towards solutions for the future. A coach can function as many things and it is personalized to you. As a coach I can focus a care plan that will help you maximize your life goals.  No matter what is holding you back or you are having a had time gaining traction on; there is a solution. We will examine your values, beliefs, goals, limiting actions and more. The first session will focus on getting to know you more, from there we can work on the changes that you would like to make. 

Recovery coaching or sober companionship can help propel you forward in your recovery journey.  When you initially leave treatment from a drug and alcohol programme, there can be pitfalls & anxiety.  A recovery coach can help guide you through this in a safe way and help you with your accountability. 


People will always ask me... What is the difference between drug & alcohol counselling vs. coaching.  The simple answer is: Coaching looks at the present & moves forward, while counselling searches into the past using specialized therapies. Counselling also requires much more certification & licensing as we are taking a deeper look into your life.  

Drug & Alcohol counselling can help you look at past patterns, anxiety, traumas & lifestyles. Once completed this assessment we can work on a treatment plan that will work best for you & help you on your healing journey. 


Our first session can be booked after our first initial free phone consultation. An intake session can be completed after that through a zoom or video conference session. 

You can also book an in person session at my location, or I can come meet you at a place that is convenient for you. 

Sessions can be booked online through this website, or you can feel free to contact me over the phone @ 604-445-4165. Alternatively you can contact me at

I look forward to hearing from you!


Drug & Alcohol Counselling: $125/Hour

Coaching/Sober Companion: $125/Hour

Please see the rates and packages tab for more detailed outlines for rates! 

If you are on a fix income or are unable to pay the listed rates, please contact us to discuss our sliding scale.  I believe that everyone should have access to help when they ask for it.