Counselling, Coaching

Create a plan that will work for you including all of the following OR just one:

- Personalized Assessment

- Personalized Wellness Planning

- Client Centered Approach 

- Wellness & Holistic 

- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

- Trauma Informed Approach

- Post Traumatic Growth (Addictions)

- Twelve Step Programs

... And more.


Depending on Income

I believe everyone should have access to help when they need it. If you are on income assistance, facing hardship, or on Employment insurance; you may qualify. 

When you leave treatment & are faced with the new challenges of the world you may need a boost or a person to help balance your new experiences.

Care management and follow-ups can help you gain self esteem and add accountability to recovery. We can meet weekly to review your progress and empower yourself to make solid choices.