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Canadian Certified Counsellor in Addictions

Alex Lekei CCAC, ABA-HR


"My hope is that you develop a deeper connection to your authentic self. I work from a trauma informed lens giving you the space you need to develop safety from within."

With over 15 years of dedicated experience in the helping profession, I've been privileged to witness numerous individuals embark on journeys of healing and personal growth. My educational foundation began at the esteemed Emily Carr School of Fine Arts, followed by comprehensive training at Vancouver Community College where I earned certifications in Addictions Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy. This journey culminated in obtaining a Registered Counseling Designation from the Canadian Addictions Counseling Federation. Recently, I furthered my academic pursuits at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, graduating with a degree in Human Resources & Business Administration.

While formal education is vital, my own transformative journey of healing has been equally instrumental in shaping my approach to counseling. Having navigated through periods of loneliness and substance use in the past, I understand the profound impact of support systems firsthand. Through counseling, community engagement, and professional education, I emerged from the grips of addiction with newfound resilience and determination. This personal experience humbles me and fuels my belief in the possibility of change, regardless of one's starting point. Change, I've learned, can manifest swiftly or gradually through consistent, meaningful steps forward.

Central to my counseling philosophy is the importance of meeting individuals where they are, fostering a foundation of trust and understanding. With a deep-seated advocacy for human development and a natural curiosity for diverse perspectives, I approach each client with an open mind and genuine empathy. My passion for global exploration, particularly in my earlier years, has enriched my understanding of different cultures and perspectives, informing my practice.


Currently, I proudly serve at Canada's largest addiction recovery treatment center, Together We Can, while also dedicating my time to volunteer work with various organizations, providing support and safety to our most vulnerable populations. As I continue on this journey, my commitment to guiding others toward healing and growth remains unwavering.

I specialize in:

Personal Drug & Alcohol Counselling

Family Drug & Alcohol Counselling/Support

Return to Work Planning After Treatment

Burnout & Stress Management Counselling

Grief & Loss Counselling

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Identity Exploration

Post Traumatic Growth (From Drug & Alcohol Trauma) ​

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